Figures series: installed as part of Sculpture in the Garden Show at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill, NC September 14-December 8, 2019- admission is FREE


SEEK: Raleigh exhibition at Dorothea Dix park in Raleigh May 31-June 1




Elsa Hoffman featured in Vitamin O:


May 3-June 2, 2018: The Bull Meets the Bayou: exhibition exchange between Durham and New Orleans (group                  show) at The Carrack Modern Art (947 East Main Street Durham, NC 27701)

Opening reception: Friday, May 18, 6-9pm

Meet artists Q&A: Saturday May 19, 12-2pm

Closing reception: Saturday June 2, 7-10pm

January 12-28, 2017- ORLANDO (set design) at Manbites Dog Theater (703 Foster St, Durham, NC )

                                               Please come see Delta Boys Theater Company's production of Sarah Ruhl's

                                             adaptation of Virginia Woolf's ORLANDO, at Manbites Dog Theater


September 19, 2015-January 30, 2016- Animosus at Waterworks Visual Arts Center, Salisbury, NC

Artist talk and opening reception Friday, September 25th 5pm.

November 24-December 5, 2015- Interpretations in Furniture at The Carrack Modern Art (111 W Parrish St, Durham, NC)

Opening reception: Friday, November 27, 6-9pm

Artist Talk: Friday, December 4, 7pm

"Interpretations in Furniture" features work by Elsa Hoffman, Scott Howell, Evan Berding, and Meredith Hart. 

As four independent furniture makers based in a wood shop in Chapel Hill, we challenged each other to build pieces that serve four basic functions: provide a surface to place something upon, a structure to sit on, a space to enclose artifacts, and an object to provide illumination. Beyond those specifications, we allowed each other to take our work in whichever direction and personal aesthetic we chose. This exhibit not only illustrates our technical abilities, but highlights the vast variation that can result from four people blurring the boundaries between functional object and fine art.
Or visit the Carrack during normal open hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 12 – 6 p.m.
Saturday: 2 – 5 p.m.


May 2014- Buried in Light and Shadow at the Carrack Modern Art (Solo show)